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        Amazing Machinery, Your Equipment Superstore Since 1995
        Professional Jetter Business Package


        Enco Plumbing's Trailer Pressurewasher from Amazing Machinery
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        The pressure washer people

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        I Highly recommended this company Amazing Machinery Matthew called me before my item shipped and went over everything with me this company is great and Matthew is the man to talk to with question's.

        –David Furrer


        After a month of researching the best economical way to go about purchasing new equipment to get my drain cleaning business started, and speaking to Matt on numerous occasions, I decided to go with Amazing Machinery.

        I purchased one of their 'business in a box' packages, consisting of a new jetter, camera and locator. I received everything within two weeks. I bought my snakes and other equipment separately, but as soon as I got everything else, I went to work (by myself). Here I am almost three years later, ready to get my second van and another round of equipment. All the equipment I got from Amazing Machinery is still in service. I had one issue last year with a camera head. I sent it in, they repaired it, and I had it back within a couple of weeks. I also just bought another sewer camera, along with some other new equipment from Amazing Machinery recently. I pretty much upgraded some of the equipment I bought from them when I started.

        Again, Matt (and Shayla is always helpful as well) was there to help me get exactly what I needed, and helped with financing this time. Not only am I happy with the quality and performance of all the equipment I purchased from them, the customer service is top notch as well. They always answer the phone and emails, and they're on top of everything when you need them.

        The team at Amazing Machinery is awesome and they are my number one equipment supplier for my company. I started out as a one-man operation a few years ago with the help of these guys, and now I'm purchasing a whole other round of equipment to put a second van on the road. The equipment is solid and reliable, you can't beat the value, and customer service is the best.

        –Joe Petti owner
        JSP Sewer and Drain Cleaning LLC

          I would like to thank Matthew Gerard at Amazing machinery. I ordered a new speed rooter and it came cracked. Matthew went out of his way to make sure I was taken care of. In the end Amazing Machinery paid for the broken part themselves. I will never shop elsewhere for my sewer and drain cleaning parts and machines.
        -- Thank You, John Tuseo, Rooter Man of Long Island
          The quality of the product they generate at Amazing Machinery is second to none! Their guys seriously know what they are doing. Nowhere can you find value that beats what you can get here at Amazing Machinery. I am extremely pleased with the jetter machine I received and I will be coming back for more for years to come!
        -- Kelton Balka, President, Tennessee Standard, LLC, 5th Generation Master Plumber
          Justin, again I want to thank you for the knowledge that you shared with me on yesterday and especially your patience in effort to educate me on what and how to handle the task at hand. I really appreciate your your efforts which in my opinion was ***OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE***
        Hats off to you.
        -- DR

        Hot Water Pressure Washer Jetter in Flatbed

        Did my first commercial job a few days ago...The machine is working like a charm...Will be in touch.
        -- Best regards, Dela, Ghana, Africa

          I'd like to start off by saying these guys are pretty awesome I had a problem with one of my cameras quick diagnosis quick response they got it that day they fixed it that day send me an email along with the phone call told me it's ready for shipment I had the camera back 2 days later never in my life if I dealt with the repair company that had such a quick turnaround no down time back in business I'd like to thank Justin for his special attention at the matter Tony for his hassle free work order you guys are great thank you very much
        -- Sincerely, Kevin Neace
          I did a lot of research on sewer cameras before I finally made my decision. I decided to go with the VIS track model 130' line with built in locator, and I have to admit I am pretty satisfied. I was a little skeptical at first, because it wasn't a big company that I've heard a lot about. Normally we go with the competitors that about triple the price of the unit I purchased. I just want to say I've been a plumber for 7 years and this is one of the best cameras I've ever owned I would not hesitate to purchase another one from Amazing Machinery. Thank you Tony for all your help, advice, and your knowledge,
        -- Sincerely, Neace Sewer and Water Service

        I wanted to thank the tech support -Justin for the wonderful customer service I rec'd today with item QD800PMP. The info rec'd was helpful & the product did work for my Ranger. It was such a honor to work with such a helpful/responsive company who took pride in their work. I will recommend this company to all my friends.
        -- Sincerely, Joseph Kovatto


        We just want to thanks you for all your attention, help & support; your tech was right, it was the RPM, we knew that something was wrong & we couldn´t figure it out, it was in front to our eyes. The lever/handle was stuck in the same position. THANKS A LOT, NOW IT IS FIXED, It helped us to give a full maintence to the hot water washer.
        -- Arq. Martha E. cantu R.


        Thanks for your phone call last friday. I'm hoping I'll be receiving a phone call soon, that it is on its way here. I will tell everyone your company name and web site, as the best place for air compressors, and many other tools! If you happen to sell hats, with your logo, I'll gladly buy one!! Great advertising. Again, my thanks for super great service, from your sales department!!! A++++++++
        -- Lars Houtsma


        My how time flies when you're having fun. I promised you a video of the Puma air compressor installation after it got out of warranty so here it is:

        Have to wait till the end to see a decent shot of the air compressor.
        This thing will rock a 3/4" impact wrench!
        Hardest part? finding an 8 foot choke cable...

        p.s. one model of forklift in the 80's had an 8' choke cable, just figure out which one.

        -- Andy W.

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